This Week’s Preset: Outrun the Sunlight and BigSky – Austin discusses his Strymon Big Sky presets for the tracks “Red Bird” and “Synergy.”

Keeley Electronics Artist: Austin Peters – Austin’s endorsement profile on Keeley Electronics official website.

Interview: Track-by-Track for "Red Bird" – Austin discusses the meaning behind each song with Overblown Magazine, from the 2017 release, "Red Bird."

Feature: "Red Bird" – Destroy // Exist takes a closer look at the band's opening track.

Video Interview: Full Metal Media – Austin and Cody speak to full metal media about their history, the band's newest record, and the Chicago music scene.

Podcast: Nothings for No One – Austin speaks to Bill and Jason from NFNO, and they play a game of Sometimes, Always, Never and talk about Outrun's latest release, and our albums of the year.

Compilation: Open Language Volume II – Hear "Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort" alongside other American post-rock artists in this year's Open Language compilation, curated by A Thousand Arms and writers of Arctic Drones.

GHS Strings Artist: Outrun the Sunlight – Outrun the Sunlight’s endorsement page on GHS Strings official website.

Podcast: Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast – Listen to guitarist and founder, Austin Peters, discuss Outrun the Sunlight, Audiotree, the passing of Chester Bennington and the Chicago scene on the episode 90.

Exclusive Premiere: Arctic Drones – An in depth discussion with Austin Peters about the meaning behind the music video for "Red Bird" and the overall change in musical direction the band has maintained since 2011.

Exclusive Premiere: Prog Sphere – An interview with Austin Peters about the 2014 single, "Spirit," the band's musical process, and the kinds of gear Outrun the Sunlight uses to achieve their sound.

Interview: Highwire Daze – An interview with Cody McCarty and Austin Peters about their upcoming album, "Terrapin," and their musical influences.

Words about Red Bird

Distorted Sound Mag (9/10) – "Easily the band’s best work yet, Red Bird deserves your attention."

Heavy Blog Is Heavy – "A deeply expressive album which, while perhaps tinged with some longing for more straight-forwardly aggressive passages, fully explores and fleshes out one half of this band’s sound."

Rolling Stone India"Meditative, layered post-rock, set against emotionally-heightening progressive metal."

Metal Trenches (8.3/10) – "A blissful 30 minutes of post-metal goodness from my old stomping grounds. I wasn't sure if I was going to give this one full coverage, but they won me over with their balanced compositions."

Static Magazine – "All of these songs tell a story, and not one is the same. I cannot exaggerate enough how human this record feels."

Merchants of Air – "A fabulous work of art that gets close of being considered one of the best post rock albums ever to be conceived in the history of the genre, this record deserves the attention of everybody in the underground scene."

No Coast Music Reviews – "In music with vocals it’s easy to get your point across with the lyrics. In an instrumental band, it takes such talent to be able to weave a narrative and to make your music emotive, and these guys have done just that."

Getintothis – "We were recommended that, for the optimal experience, we should listen to this with our best pair of headphones while watching the sun rise, and we can tell you first hand through the waves of frisson and the tears of joy frozen to our faces, that it was a good call."

Dead Rhetoric (8/10) – "While there’s a casual pleasure from listening to 'Red Bird,' it does seem to payout a higher dividend if you make a more active investment."

Atasque (4/5) – "Through their music captures various feelings from happy, beautiful, to melancholic and serene all out of a strong post metal genre executed in great artistic fashion."

Original -- "Todo a partir de una sólida base post-metalera combinando ciertos elementos técnicos que en conjunto generan un excelente trabajo artesanal y nos brindan llenaderas experiencias."

Reviews To My Blood (9.8/10) – "To listen to new music and see it as an outstanding work can be a double edged sword; on one side they can follow the same style an leave us completely satisfied, but on the other hand it can be what we did not expect and divert from their previous style."

Original -- "Al escuchar nueva música y tomar en cuenta un trabajo extraordinario de una banda en el pasado puede ser una espada de doble filo; por un lado puede seguir la misma línea y dejarnos completamente satisfechos, pero por el otro quizá hasta siendo bueno no nos lo parezca y no podremos disfrutarlo como debe de ser por esperar o recordar lo que fue su predecesor."

Words about Terrapin

Heavy Blog Is Heavy (4.5/5) – "This is the best instrumental album of the year. It’s intelligent, emotional and immaculately produced. There’s only one way to produce something as astonishing as this and that’s love."

It Djents (8.5/10) – "Both sides of the album have a lot to offer fans of instrumental music, whether you are more of a fan of melodic, emotional sequences or a fan of the heavy aspects of metal, or if you are like me and enjoy both, then this album is definitely for you."

We Love Metal (6/10) – "They are masters of the odd time signature and execute the complex as if it were second nature."

Rock In Chicago – "As the lights went down and the band began to play, it didn’t take long to figure out why Outrun The Sunlight was picked as the only local opener for Polyphia and The Contortionist."

Metal Temple – "There aren't many Modern Progressive Metal band that possess the will to be called artists and who are able to find a balanced equilibrium between a significant enough amount of hypnotics pace, mixed with some Mammoth-like heaviness and some sporadic burst of guitar shredding."