On April 13, 2016, we had the pleasure of performing in the Audiotree Live Studios, a place we've always dreamed to play in and finally were given the opportunity. We had a blast, playing old and new songs. The entire session can be streamed/watched/downloaded on all major music platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Bandcamp, and more.


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Based out of Chicago, Outrun the Sunlight is a four-piece instrumental progressive metal band known for their soaring melodies, ambient overlays, and epic song writing. The group's influences ranges from progressive rock to modern jazz to minimalist post-metal. Their newest album "Terrapin" was released December 16, 2014 thru Rogue Records America.

"Contained within its twists and turns, album and track alike, is one undeniable fact: this is the best instrumental album of the year. It’s intelligent, emotional and immaculately produced. There’s only one way to produce something as astonishing as this and that’s love."

– 4.5/5 from Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Austin Peters  /  Guitar
Cody McCarty  /  Guitar
Pedro Villegas  /  Drums
Connor Grant  /  Bass