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Since 2011, Outrun the Sunlight has been known to take inspiration from many different genres to form emotional and epic instrumental songs. Made up of members Austin Peters (primary composer and guitarist), Cody McCarty (guitar), Connor Grant (bass), and Pedro Villegas (drums), the band has risen to the top of the Chicago metal scene and beyond, opening for musical legends Russian Circles, Rosetta, TesseracT and more, while also touring with Native Construct (Metal Blade) and Wings Denied. The band’s 2017 album, “Red Bird,” is a complete departure from their 2014 release, “Terrapin,” both in performance and theme. Breaking out of the constrains and conventions of the progressive metal and “djent” scene from which they came, the band recorded the album to represent their live performance, and left behind programmed drums, direct-in guitar recording, and pristine, tight production. The goal was to sound like a band, not a machine. With that in mind, the quartet is willing to show their vulnerability, sacrifice, and individualities to their fans, while remaining true to themselves and the genre of progressive music.

Words about Red Bird

Heavy Blog Is Heavy – "What was once a judgemental contrast can be broken apart to fuel forward motion, one side given precedence over the other in the quest for individual novelty. Outrun the Sunlight‘s latest release, Red Bird, is a perfect example of this. Meditating upon the inherent conflicts extant in their earlier works, the post-rock band have decided to lean more heavily on their more introspective tones. The result is a deeply expressive album which, while perhaps tinged with some longing for more straight-forwardly aggressive passages, fully explores and fleshes out one half of this band’s sound."

Distorted Sound Mag (9/10) – "Making every second of the album count, this is an incredibly concise effort that does more than enough with its time to leave the listener completely fulfilled but eager to hear more. Carrying a natural warmth to its sound that elevates the writing to another level, this is a masterful and emotive piece that is telling of a band that’s matured and grown significantly in confidence. Easily the band’s best work yet, Red Bird deserves your attention."

Reviews To My Blood (9.8/10) – "To listen to new music and see it as an outstanding work can be a double edged sword; on one side they can follow the same style an leave us completely satisfied, but on the other hand it can be what we did not expect and divert from their previous style."